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12. Feb. 2011

Euroshop Duesseldorf

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As base product we are using high quality carpet with Polyamide (nylon) face fiber and a backing out of embossed gel-foam with low filler content on FP400 and FP600 and a ActionBac system on FP1000 system. The carpet is tufted on stable Poyester non-woven for highest stability and easy cut.

Wir verwenden hoch qualitativen Teppich mit Non-woven Polyester Traeger und einem hochflexiblen Praegeruecken bei FP400 und FP600. Bei FP1000 verwenden wir einen ActionBac Zweitruecken. Formstabilitaet und leichtes Schneiden und Verlegen ist garantiert.

Technical Data:


FP 400 Velour

FP 600 Velour

FP 1000 Saxony

FloorPoster Mats

Pile weight

350 g/sqm
Polyamid 6

550 g/sqm
Polyamid 6

1050 g/sqm
Polyamid 6.6

300 g/sqm
PES felt


Velour, tufting

Velour, 1/10, tufting

High twist nylon, tufting

nonwoven construction

Pile height

4 mm

5 mm

6 mm






1.2 mm rubber backing

Total weight

1450 g/m2

1650 g/m2

1850 g/m2


Fire classification

Bfl-s1 equalt to B1/Q1

Bfl-s1 equal tp B1/Q1

Bfl-s1 equal tp B1/Q1



The perfect choice for a perfect floor promotion session.

This product meets all aspects of the contract business at high traffic areas.

This is the luxury quality for highest comfort and standard.. Ideal for the high end exhibition booth; in house shows and for special events. 

This is ideal for the Point of sales. Inkjet transfer printing allows finest details and true colours.


Velour construction 200x150

FP600 quality

Saxony construction 200x150

FP Wuerth